July 14, 2018

"Dr Rosenblatt and the team are phenomenal. They came in on a Saturday to get my root canal taken care of. First rate work!!__Top marks."
July 10, 2018

"The best dentist ever, thank you for your great treatment, my SMILE is restored."
June 27, 2018

"Thankyou for seeing me as an emergency, Dr. Rosenblatt, I am a patient for life! You treated my problem and I feel great!"
June 22, 2018

"I don’t even know where to start.... if you’re even entertaining the thought of making an appointment with this dentist STOP!!! My husband got new dental insurance so I went on google to check Dr Rosenblatt out. Little did I know then that I should’ve done a little more homework and for that my husbands mouth has been completely destroyed..... I have never heard more war stories about any health care professional ( and I’m using that word loosely. Dr Rosenblatt is a nightmare, she does damage so she has patients! I want people to be warned that if you go to her your mouth will become a disaster that never ends. She works on you without a mask on her face, she gives you s bleaching kit to take home that makes your teeth crack. That’s just the beginning; My husband had just gotten a brand new lower bridge for his lower teeth, she ground away at all the teeth around it until it was completely useless ( it wasn’t even a year old) it cost almost 4000 dollars. She is a BUTCHER!! She has no regard for a patients level of pain... she sent him home in excruciating pain. He was not in pain until he went to her, anyway my family has had the same dentist for years so I was so desperate I called his office and made an appointment with him as I couldn’t understand what was happening and just needed a trustworthy professional to tell me what was going on in his mouth. So it’s the morning after and I am putting in a formal complaint against her . I was told in no uncertain terms that she had sent him home with a root exposed and now he has to take antibiotics for ten days because his mouth is just a raging infection waiting to happen. She is not about anything but MONEY..... she will make you wish you were dead after any procedure she does ( it can be a simple filling and she will find a way to turn it into a cash cow for herself. Please , please, please STAY AWAY from this so called dentist I don’t want her to hurt anyone else !!!! I’m hoping that the Better Business Bureau finds the time to investigate this office and shut her down!!!!"
June 22, 2018

"The best dentist ever, thanks for all your help, my SMILE is dazzling thanks to the great staff and especially , Dr. Rosenblatt!"
The Smile Spa of North Jersey LLC